chaplains’ agenda

Then we need a safe place,
where we will not be judged,
but understood.
we do not need another’s scorn
we need compassion.
When truth rises up
and breaks the surface of our pretending,
we do not need our failings or our failures
pointed out and underlined.
We need a reminder of our worth
a new impression of our dignity,
so that we can laugh at ourselves
with laughter that is merry and without mockery.

Thanks, Trish, for passing this on.

Chaplains Meet
Flinders chaplains met in the mid-semester break to reflect on the Religion and Violence Symposium and the St Judes’ “Week of Teaching” and to coordinate their responses to a number of opportunities for working together:

An approach by Project Abraham to enter into a partnership with them at Flinders.
Project Abraham initially brought the Jewish and Muslim communities in Adelaide together in 2004 for a series of seminars and, in 2005, with the support of the SA Council of Churches, has conducted public meetings and run a program for schools in various regional centres across SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Project Abraham has been very successful and has received invitations to extend their work next year. It is funded through DIMA Harmony Grants.

An invitation by the Heads of Christian Churches Chaplaincy Committee to present a seminar at a gathering of chaplains in August exploring issues relating to religious pluralism.

An invitation by the University to conduct a multifaith welcome at the University’s 40th Anniversary celebrations in November.

Exploration of an interfaith event for university students in the spring of 2007, a “Festival of Hearts”.

Exploration of a 2007 meeting of religious leaders in SA, hosted by Flinders Multifaith Chaplaincy.

Reconstituting the Flinders Interfaith Forum.

The chaplains were successful in obtaining a grant from the University to assist them in the provision of chaplaincy services at Flinders.

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