Justice for David Hicks

Injustice anywhere
Is a threat to
Justice everywhere.
Dr Martin Luther King

Major Michael Mori, appointed by the American Government to defend David Hicks, interned for 5 years without trial in ‘Guantanamo Bay’, seems to me to be a straight and honest man with a strong sense of justice.

Hear his side of the story at the western end of Rundle Mall at 5:30 pm this Wednesday, August 25.

You are asked to please RSVP through the link below, indicating the number of people you plan to bring.

Afterwards there will be a candlelit walk to Alexander Downer’s office (BYO candle).

Sitting with some staff at morning tea this morning, I was asked if I had seen “the other photos of David Hicks.”
“No, I’ve only see the one of him with the grenade launcher that keeps being repeated on TV.”

Seems like we could have another “Children Overboard” selective use of image situation.
Can anyone verify this?

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