Multifaith Ministry

Multi-Faith Ministry Charter
The chaplains at Flinders are considering a Draft Multi-Faith Ministry Charter proposed by Prof. Norman Habel as a basis for their ministry together:

A multi-faith ministry is informed by the following principles:

1. Principle of Mutual Recognition

A multi-faith ministry recognises the right of all faiths to meet the needs of their respective members in any given community.

2. Principle of Mutual Concern

A multi-faith ministry intends to meet the pastoral concerns of, rather than convert, members of the various faiths.

3. Principle of Mutual Understanding

A multi-faith ministry seeks to understand the values and beliefs of each faith in a given community rather than to pass judgement on them.

4. Principle of Mutual Service

A multi-faith ministry is committed to serving the spiritual and personal needs of each member of each faith tradition in the community.

The chaplains at Flinders would value your comments.

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