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At the last moment before “O-Week” the Religious Centre signs at Flinders University came down and the Oasis signs went up. Passers-by commented on how bright and inviting it all looked and the odd person popped their head in, looking for the Religious Centre!

But the move from “Religious Centre” to “OASIS – faith, spirit, community” is more than a name change and new signage. It symbolises the hopes of many of us for a “home” that transcends sectional religious self-interest.

“Oasis is a centre for faith development and spiritual refreshment, providing a forum and home environment for the development of genuine community”.

Oasis is at least three things: a space for groups and individuals to offer their activities, a base for the chaplains and their associates to offer pastoral care, and a community, built on the Oasis Committee, that serves the University.

During the three week 2008 Ignite Orientation Festival, Oasis is offering a series of activities to acquaint students with the centre.

This week students have walked a specially constructed labyrinth laid out in the Common Room.
(This has been so successful, it will be set up as an Easter Walk for students on Maundy Thursday. Photos at the Oasis website: http://www.flinders.edu.au/oasis)

Next week, “Reflections”, a number of interactive installations for students to reflect on their University experience.

And the following week, a “Cosmic Walk”, another meditative experience, which helps place ourselves in time.

OASIS will be officially launched by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Michael Barber and the Chancellor, Sir Eric Neil on the evening of Wednesday April 9.

A blessing ceremony will take place in the Mall outside the centre at 6 pm.
Following the launch, there will be a dinner in the Sage Restaraunt upstairs from 7 pm.

You are cordially invited to the launch and dinner. (details later.)
RSVP oasis@flinders.edu.au
(Seats for the dinner are limited!)

Hope to see many of you there!

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