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What thought has helped me this week –
Exercise is the training I must do to enable me to continue to do what I like doing.
(rather than a boring interruption!)

‘Wow’ moment this week – 
Interchange between Sam Neil and Jimmy Barnes on QandA last Monday night.
Followed later by an electrifying unplugged performance of ‘Working Class Man’ by Jimmy.
Shames all past political-bickering QandA’s into obscurity.

Quote of the week – 

What was really needed was a fundamental change in our attitude toward life. We had to learn ourselves and, furthermore, we had to teach the despairing men, that it did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us. Victor Frankl 

(Victor Frankl was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp during World War 2. He observed that it was not necessarily the physically strong who survived, but those who held hope in front of their minds. His book, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ is a classic.)

Thought I’m pondering – 
‘Unconditional acceptance’ or ‘unconditional love’ is not a passive or irresponsible attitude, but a spiritual discipline.
– a practice that must be practised – recognising and empowering the other to grow and contribute their unique life in their own unique way toward human flourishing.
– a discipline reducing a tendency to control or micro-manage others to satisfy my needs.
– a discipline serving the interests of the other for the greater good.
– ‘Am I taking responsibility away from the other?’ may be a key question in a presenting situation.

What I’m listening to – 
Revisiting OK Compter, Radiohead – moments of fragile beauty, overwhelming power, irony and satire – darker commentary on the human condition – musically innovative, brilliantly conceived and performed – simple melody lines belie highly complex musical arrangements. (Put on headphones and you’ll hear things you never heard otherwise!)

Book of the Week –
Journey to the Common Good, Walter Brueggemann.
They say that Brueggemann is the Bruce Springsteen of Theology – people come from everywhere when they hear he is speaking and some follow his gigs all over the country!
I confess to being a big fan! I gave away my last copy and I’ll probably give away this one that just arrived, once I’ve read it again! He digs through the Biblical records in search of perspectives to this question: Can the simple concept of Neighbourliness show us the way toward a greater common good?

Encouragement of the Week – 
From friends on The NOW Tribe on Facebook. I think I’ve found my tribe!

Surprise of the Week – 
Discovering the Oasis philosophy in full swing among a group of younger people in Moscow. (See my post: Moscow)

Have a great weekend!

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