Book Taking Off!

What a fascinating process, this business of writing a book. Certainly takes one out of circulation while you are working to a deadline.

I have the opportunity of a launch at the Conference of European University Chaplains in Dublin at the beginning of June. That meant a launch in Adelaide before Sandy and I head off. So this launch will be at the Duke of Brunswick Hotel, Gilbert St, City at 3 for 3.30 on the afternoon of Saturday May 26.

Front Cover copy

Anyway, today we finished a fairly intense month or so as we head for the finish line. I’m celebrating it being off to the printer so that the process of making it available globally through on-line booksellers can begin.

You can order a print copy here:

An eBook will soon follow.

Many thanks to the many who have encouraged, cajoled, proofread, made suggestions…and particular to my editor Paul Foord for the layout and negotiating all the technicalities of getting to print; and my son Nick for laying out the covers.

The surprising thing for me has been that throwing myself into burning the candle at both ends to get there has actually been invigorating, smashing my image of retirement as a gentler period of life. Not that the ability to find the right word for the elusive thought is anything but a slow Thesaurus operation! Or it is not a fight to keep at bay  the temptation of sleeping every afternoon!

But this morning I pressed the final button for to go to print.


I hope you enjoy it!

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