🌐 The World Service#2, Hopes for the ‘New Normal’ 24 April 2020

Hopes for the New Normal

In this program: 

Jimmy Nail, ‘Big River’;
Shane Howard, ‘Don’t Give Up On Us’;
Depression and the Cognitive Cycle;
USA for Africa, ‘We Are The World’.

As the Covid 19 curve begins to flatten, the queston is being asked: What comes next? What will be the new normal?
Can we reset our world in a more positive direction?

A wonderful song from Jimmy Nail supported by master guitarist Mark Knopfler…introducing thoughts and feelings that come from any social change. In this case the demise of the ship building industry in the UK.

Jimmy Nail offers these thoughts:

This was a big river
But that was long ago
That’s not now, that’s not now…
But what do they do all day
And what are they supposed to say
What does a father tell his son?
If you believe that there’s a bond between our future and our past
Try to hold on to what we have
We build them strong, we built to last

‘Cause this is a mighty town
Build upon solid ground
And everything they’ve tried so hard to kill
We will rebuild

This is a big river
I want you all to know I’m so very proud
This is a big river
But that was long ago
That’s not now
This is a big, big river
And in my heart I know it will rise again
The river will rise again

Australian Singer-songwriter Shane Howard, who appears during the Anzac Day Concert, ‘Music From The Home Front’, has written a poignant lament about the pre-Covid 19 world. In association with Shane, I have produced this music video.

I offer an insight given to me by a psychologist when I was seeking help for depression. I offer it to empower us as we get in touch with our own personal thoughts and feelings in our own situations.

And finally, an inspirational song we can all sing along with, to open our hearts and minds to others at risk in our world: the classic ‘We Are The World’.


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