🌐 World Service #5 Healing. June 8, 2020

In this edition:

A Quick Walk Along an Australian Bush Track Meditation
Poem: Hello Stranger
Poem shared by Ava Crescent Cardinalli
Alanis Morissette, ‘Reasons I Drink’
The Identity Circles
The Moffatt Brothers, ‘Heal the World’



In this program, I continue to document what inspires and encourages me from what I see around me during this pandemic period, and to offer a thought or two about what has helped me in my own life. 

We begin, as always, with an acknowledge of our indigenous peoples, who continue to live with the pain of dispossession and marginalisation. I pay my respects to the Kaurna people on whose land I live, and to their elders, past, present and emerging. May we walk together in harmony.

Then a short reflection to remind us of the wonderful natural world that has been given to all humankind – a heritage that continues to teach and inspire us. 

I came across two poems from the lockdown that have maintained my hope and encouraged me. One is actually a submission to the UN, the other a beautiful response to a poem that has meant so much to her.

I continue to share my thoughts about one of the songs Alanis Morissette has written during this period. And, in response, I offer another life triangle that may be helpful for us to understand what may underlie the pain she shares. I have copied this part of the program into a separate document that may be downloaded. It’s at the bottom of this page below the video.

Thank you to Jo for introducing me to the wonderful talent of the Moffatt Brothers – we finish with them singing a Michael Jackson cover I think is so relevant if we are to maintain the momentum for a new ‘normal’ that is more fair and honest.

My apologies if you have already seen any of the videos I share in this edition, messages from our poets and musicians – and everyday people – reaching out to the world during the lockdown. I think it is worth continuing to ponder their thoughts, to continue to allow these voices from the heart to feed our own inner transformation, particularly at this time of Rage against injustice, linked inextricably to our history of dispossession by the more powerful – dispossession brought to sharp relief during this pandemic. 

I hope you enjoy and benefit from sharing this time with me.

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