🌐 World Service#7 Creativity, Challenge and Coaching. 15.7.2020

In this episode:

Meditation on Clouds in the Stirling Ranges;
Changing roles in the Drama Triangle;
The roles in action: ‘The Annual Art Show’;
Film Chat: ‘Bellbird’ (New Zealand)
The Camden Voices in Lockdown: ‘True Colours’, and heartfelt responses.

A meditation that takes us to The Stirling Ranges in Western Australia.

More thoughts about the Drama Triangle and a short film of a person who transcends its negativity.

Steve Parker reviews a new film.

And we conclude with an old Cindy Lauper song that takes on new meaning during this pandemic.

As usual, we value your responses to the program and ideas and resources that may be shared with others.

So settle back, relax and enjoy what I hope will be for you a gentle, thoughtful, half-hour spiritual massage – what is inspiring us during, what for many, is a tough time.

We begin, as usual, by turning our thoughts to indigenous peoples.


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