World Service #9

When asking an economist what he thought the government should do about continuing with Job Keeper and Job Seeker, a reporter got the reply, ‘It just depends on how nice they want to be’. Now there’s a great question! What is the importance of kindness and compassion in economics? Discuss. English actor Emma Thompson comes out with a beautiful contribution, summing up her view in a poem.

I noticed a short film about an act of compassion by a radio station, expressed by one of their announcing teams. The cynical side of me immediately questioned the motivation behind this display of generosity – buying a good name for their radio bosses immersed in the competitive fight for dominance of the air-waves? But there it was. As they say, ‘it is what it is’. In this case, generosity and compassion. ‘Good things happen, when people are good to each other’.

Steve Parker @ontherunmovies reviews a film currently in cinemas. It looks like a good view. In prior conversation I had shared with Steve how much I had enjoyed a three part series about Bill Gates, on Netflix. On camera, Steve turned the tables on me! So we have two film reviews!

A new album has just been released by a singer I had not come across before, Carrie Newcomer. For me, an appropriate name! But I came across her because in this new album she sings words by Parker J. Palmer – a wonderful thinker and writer in the field of education. I have admired his work for a long time. But in trawling through YouTube videos of her singing I came across this song – ‘You Can Do This Hard Thing’, so appropriate for these times.

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