🗣 Exciting site changes!

We’ve got some exciting changes to the Root and Branches Web site to tell you about:

  1. You can now search the web site using the Search field under Geoff’s photo on any page.
  2. There’s a new menu called Contact the Gardener. When you hover over the menu, you will see two options. The first is called Meet Geoff. You can read about Geoff’s favourite meeting places and schedule a time to meet him face-to-face at the place of your choice!
    The second option is to Email Geoff where you will find a form you can complete and submit. Geoff will get email you a reply within a day or two.

As we continue to improve the web site, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Feel free to leave a comment in the Leave a Reply box below this post (or any other post that piques your interest). We want to make Root and Branches useful and interesting. So, let us know anytime how we’re going. We’re listening!

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