🌐 World Service #3, 2021. Special Places

In this edition:

  • The Beach Boys classic, ‘In My Room’ by the Spooky Men’s Chorale
  • Kids playing basketball on the street get a real surprise.
  • One of my favourite places.
  • Film Chat with Steve Parker reviews Oscar contender ‘The Father’.
  • The Playing for Change band honours their inspiration, street musician Roger Ridley and performs ‘Stand By Me’ to a packed house in Brazil.

Do you have a special place? A place of sanctuary you go when you need a lift?

The Beach Boys wrote a song, ‘In My Room’, reminding us about making our house into a home. For some young mothers, the toilet becomes that special place – lock the door and have a little peace from the demands of children!

For some kids, the street becomes a special place. It’s community – where everything happens. But they get a visit from the police! Recently, this viral video about what happens next popped up on Facebook.

Steve Parker and I have discovered a special place we love to go. I’ve included a short video about it. It is so special, I take flowers every week.

Steve chats with me about the Anthony Hopkins film, ‘The Father’, which is clearly heading to the Oscars.

The touring band of some of the musicians from around the world who are part of the charitable movement, ‘Playing for Change’ honour the inspiration behind the movement, the busker Roger Ridley.

This edition of The World Service was inspired by the special café where Steve Parker and I meet to produce the Film Chat segment for the World Service. Steve is also the wiz behind this website!

Do you have a special place? Let’s know what it is!

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