🌐 World Service #7, ‘TOGETHER’, 20 August 2021

In this episode:

  • Nick Seymour (Hunters and Collectors) leads the Couch Choir in ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’.
  • Smelling Rose’s Roses – images and poetry.
  • Geoff’s Radical Musings – everything is connected; Thich Nhat Hanh – the cloud in my tea.
  • Overcoats sing a COVID Medley – ‘Used to be Scared of the Dark’ and ‘Fire and Fury’. July 31, 2021.
  • Film Chat with Steve Parker – ‘Dream Horse’.
  • Playing for Change – Stevie Wonder’s ‘Higher Ground’, celebrating his birthday.

Yesterday, Lifeline received over 3,500 calls for help.
The message from the CEO of Lifeline, Steve Brogden, today, emphasised that in times like these, it is important to talk with others about your situation and how you are feeling; to ring a friend or loved member of your family – or whatever – just don’t take on your troubles alone.

That is what this World Service is about.

I hope you find as much inspiration and encouragement in it as I have had putting it together.
Special thanks to Rose, who provided much of the material that has given her inspiration over the last month.

If you have material that you come across, would you consider emailing me or use the contact button on the website? Just a URL will do. And of course, your comments are always welcome.

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