Plastic Pollution?

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Our Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, was on the radio this morning, having just returned from an international meeting to see if there could be global agreement on eliminating plastic pollution.

I had almost forgotten that I had written a song about this, fifty or so years ago. It was inspired by a speech by environmentalist and Australian Democrats leader, Dr John Coulter: Threats to Humanity – Babies, Bombs and Bulldozers. But my song only got an airing a couple of times – the phrase ‘plastic pollution’ was not in common use, and I thought it sounded weird!

Here’s what I think were the words. (Imagine uncompromising hard rock by the Rolling Stones!)

Look around this world we got, you know it’s a gas!
Specially if you’re good enough to see past the trash
That we’ve made…
O yer …
Plastic pollution!

All we’ve ever thought about is take, take, take, take
But overpopulation sure is cookin’ the cake
That we’ve made…
O yer …
Population explosion!

Di di di di, di di di di, di di di di, di…
O yer …
We are the ones – who’ve put this world in a mess!

Agree to war and we can kill two birds with one stone
Unemployment, overpopulation are blown
And we’re made…
O yer …
Mass ellimination!

Instrumental and fade

Maybe I should have recorded it and given it to the Greens!

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