I’ve been wondering – prices keep rising, but where does the money go?

For a while I bought the line that it’s the Russians’ fault – starting that war in Ukraine, having to pay more for gas being withheld, more for grain that can’t be distributed, more for shells and missiles.

Before that it was COVID – we’re all locked down and can’t keep up production, so there’s a demand and supply/logistics problem.

Conclusion: we can’t lift wages because that will rebound to increase our cost of living (inflation) – and nobody wants that!

So everyday people are ‘doing it tough’ – if I hear that phrase again, I’ll vomit!

Take pity on altruistic welfare support groups trying harder and harder and appealing for more and more food donations. They are beside themselves trying to help long lines of hopeless and homeless beggars.

Not to mention the floods and fires and the obscenities of insurance fine print.

Then in walks ABC Economist and truth-teller, Alan Kohler.

In one simple graph, he shows us where the money’s going.

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