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Seven Sites, Seven Words,
The Suffering of Aboriginal Australians and the Passion of Jesus,
an  Easter Week observance of remembrance.

Video: Seven Sites, Seven Words (2012)

You may find the complete resource here: Seven Sites, Seven Words (559 KB)

The Program is here: Program (263 KB)

The Contents of the resource are:

Preparing the Sites
Prologue and Invitation
Site 1: Holdfast Bay 1836
Site 2: Tasmania, 1830’s
Site 3: The “Reserve”
Site 4: The Feeding Station
Site 5: Maralinga, 1952 – 1956
Site 6: The Australian Reconciliation Convention Melbourne 1997
Site 7: The Fountain of Tears, Adelaide

9/11 Lament

This page was originally intended for members of the 9.30 community at Pilgrim Church in the City and others who were interested in contributing to a public event on September 11 at Pilgrim Church, from 9.30 to 10.30 am – “a spiritual exploration of lament in our lives”, September 11, 2011.  

About Lament  (pdf)

Pilgrim 9/11 Event Program (pdf)

The structure of the event:
Running Sheet 

1. initial gathering

  • welcome and acknowledgement
  • the film “9eleven”,  (modified and further images added to create a 45 minute silent film). The music of  Max Richter, “The Nature of Light” was independently synchronised with the first 6.22 of the film.
  • Spiegel Im Spiegel“, Jeff Telfer (clarinet), Jenny Ward (piano)
  •  “Times of Pain“, Sharon Turley (voice), Norm Inglis (piano) – words: Helen Wiltshire, music: Norm Inglis.

2. installations

  • the church was set up like an art gallery. INSTALLATIONS_setup_requirements
  • people chose installations to interact with. INSTALLATIONS_Instructions
  • improvised ambient music was played. Andrew Boyce (electric guitar and effects), Andrew Boyce and Sharon Turley (cello), Norm Inglis (organ).

3. final gathering

  • Sharon Turley led the singing of “The Gift of Grace”. (Organ – Norm Inglis)
  • a blessing was given (Sandy Boyce)
  • we “pass the peace” to each other
  • we left for morning tea in the hall

Report of Event on Channel 9 Evening News
Nine-11 News

6 thoughts on “Public Events

  1. Jeff, I've got some recordings of "lament" music, all Jewish and sung / chanted in Hebrew. Some of it is traditional Middle Eastern, from a Unesco collection; some of it is modern, from Kippur and Sabbath services in the Great Synagogue of Paris. 4 or 5 tracks, a few minutes each. Interested? I could encode them into MP3 and send them off to you.

    1. Hi Allan,

      Wonderful! In fact I was going to ask my friend the Rabbi to come to chant to us in Hebrew. I consulted her in preparation for the service. In the end I thought it best to keep it simple. Could you send them to me as mp3's to

      Thanks Allan!

    1. I'm sure we will have the opportunity to craft something together in the future!

  2. Another idea for music is that Jenny Ward on piano and I on clarinet could play Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part. It a very slow moving gentle piece which might contribute to a time of meditation or reflection. It probably runs for about 4 minutes I would guess.

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