Meet Geoff

Geoff Boyce loves to catch up with people face-to-face over coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever you like! If you are interested in doing this, Geoff hangs out at a number of locations around Adelaide. You can browse these places below, click on the Facebook link for each place and, when you are ready, send Geoff an email suggesting a couple of optional times.

Beckman Street Deli
Beckman Street, Glandore

A delightful cafe with excellent staff, welcoming atmosphere, great food and beverages. Check out their Facebook page.

Ginger's Coffee Studio
Goodwood Road, Goodwood
Licensed Coffee Studio in where the locals gather for breakfast, lunch and coffee. Lunch and all day breakfast menus cater for everyone including vegans, vegetarians and everyone else. Check out their Facebook page.

Uncle Albert's
Norwood Mall, Norwood
Specialises in ALL DAY BREAKFAST & Lunch with gluten-free, vegetarian options & freshly made sandwiches. Also has delicious coffee supplied by Vittoria and a large selection of cakes, slices and biscuits .


Shepherd's Hill Road, Blackwood

As well as providing Bracegirdle’s signature hand-made artisan chocolates, award winning coffee and decadent desserts, the restaurant is licensed and features menu items with an added twist to well-known favourites, using locally sourced food.

Pilgrim Uniting Church
Flinders Street, Adelaide City
Called by God to be a prophetic witness in the city of Adelaide, so that new life and vitality will be generated in the city and in its people. Check out their Facebook page.

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Click this link if you’d like to schedule a time to catch up with Geoff.

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