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Radical Hospitality, space for human flourishing in a complex world.

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‘How are we all going to live together, in spite of all our differences?’

This book is for anyone who has wondered this, in the light of the divisions apparent in today’s world. It intends to distil what I have learned from many years of experience encountering difference during my human journey. It is set in Australia but has the western world in mind. While it surveys the role religions have played in the formation of western attitudes, it takes an expansive, inclusive view within the context of contemporary society.

This book makes a case for the necessity to practise a new kind of hospitality.

It proposes a new language, appropriating the legacy of ancient wisdom and re-imagining it for the current age and beyond.

It promotes a particular departure point for the ongoing conversation about human flourishing, and ultimately human survival.

It is written for general readership but may also be a source for discussion groups and a resource for students and human service providers.

An Improbable Feast, the surprising dynamic of hospitality at the heart of multifaith chaplaincy. 2010


Towards a Christian Theology of Multi-Faith Tertiary Chaplaincy.
Journal of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association Vol 1. No4. 2002

A Journey Toward Multifaith Chaplaincy.
Journal of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association Vol 2. No 1. 2004

Models of Chaplaincy: Traditional, Professional, Surrogate, Multifaith. Journal of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association Vol 2. No 2. 2005


Chaplaincy 2.0.1
November feature for the Relations with People of Other Faiths webpages of the Uniting Church National Assembly (PDF 39 KB)

Wanting to be Friends. New Times July 2010

Opening the Door to University Ministry. New Times June 2009

Multifaith ChaplaincyNew Times December 2006

Multifaith DialogueSeasons of the Spirit



God, the Church and the World – Borgman
Revised response to a presentation by Dutch theologian Erik Borgman, Responsive Mission: The Art of Chaplaincy in a Secular and Pluralistic Context at the Conference of European University Chaplains (CEUC), Woudschoten, The Netherlands, 7 June 2007, in which he proposes a radical alternative paradigm for the relationship between the Church, Christians and the World.


A Church in Crisis
A Response to QandA, aired on ABC TV, March 4, 2019
Insights from five scholars challenging underlying assumptions held by Christian churches of all denominations, pertinent to the the ‘church in crisis’. 


Re-Inventing Chaplaincy in the Public Domain 2
A revision of a presentation delivered at the conference, Chaplaincy – Development, Dialogue and Diversity: Telling Our Story, 2-3 December 2016, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.


Harmony Day: The Meaning of Hospitality
Handout for short presentation at the Happy Hearts Hub Harmony function. March 19, 2017 (PDF 7.0 Mb)

Oasis in the City#5 
A Vision for Oasis in the City.
25 April, 2017, Update. (PDF 5.3 Mb)

Organisation for Wellness – booklet
Handout summarising a workshop-presentation to the Urban Mission Network of the Uniting Church, Pilgrim Church, Adelaide, February 16, 2017 (PDF 391 KB)


Re-Inventing Chaplaincy in the Public Domain
Paper consequent to a presentation Oasis at Flinders – Re-inventing Chaplaincy in the Public Domain at the conference, Chaplaincy – Development, Dialogue and Diversity: Telling Our Story, University of Otago, NZ. December 2016 (PDF 2.4 MB)

About Oasis 
Lunch-speaker notes at the inaugural International Conference on Student Well Being and Prevention of Violence, Flinders University, Adelaide, July 2016 (PDF 56 KB)


Spiritual Care in an Age of Pluralism
A workshop presented at the national conference of Spiritual Care Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, April 2015 (PDF 3.6 MB)

Spiritual and Religious Inclusion in a Secular University 
Seminar presented at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, April 2015 (PDF 2.7 MB)


Project Abraham Reflections
Panel reflection: 26th Annual Conference of the Australian Association for Jewish Studies, Adelaide University, February, 2014 (PDF 96 KB)

The Beatitudes
Sermon presented at Eden Hills Uniting Church, Sunday February 2, 2014 (PDF 68 KB)


Chaplaincy in the Secular/God World
Workshop paper presented at the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association National Conference, Newcastle, September 24-26, 2013 (PDF 684 KB)

University Chaplaincy as a Public Service
Keynote Address, Day Conference hosted by South Yorkshire Workplace Chaplaincy and Sheffield College, UK: Mulifaith Chaplaincy in the UK Public Sector, July 8, 2013 (PDF 5.6 MB)

How Many Chaplains Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb
Workshop Paper, Conference of European University Chaplains,
Uppsala, Sweden, June 10 – 14, 2013 (PDF 230 KB)

Oasis Celebration Speech 2013
On the occasion of the incorporation of Oasis into the University, May 27, 2013 (PDF 64 KB)

Oasis Directions
A Flinders University briefing paper. April 19, 2013 (PDF 97 K B)

A Faith Friendly University
ANU Chaplaincy RetreatFebruary 7, 2013 (PDF 120 KB)


Rediscovering Hospitality
Presentation to Uniting Church Community Outreach Network, November 13, 2012 (PDF 3.1 KB)

Welcoming the Stranger- Radical Hospitality as the Core Value of Peace-building in an Age of Pluralism
International Symposium on the Strategic Role of Religious Education in the Development of a Culture of Peace, a collaboration between the Centre for Research and Development of Religious Education and Religion, and the Board of Research, Development and Training, Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. 10-13 September, 2012, Bogor. Indonesia. September 17, 2012 (PDF 294 KB)

Report on the Fourth Global Conference of Chaplains in Higher Education at Yale, New Haven, Connecticut, June 25-29, 2012
September 3, 2012 (PDF 130KB)

Multiple Perspectives in Religion – An Oasis Conversation 
A Dialogue with M. Adib Abdushomad, M.Ag, M.Ed,  Directorate of Islamic Higher Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Jakarta – INDONESIA, Ph.D Candidate, Public Policy and Management, Flinders University, May 2, 2012. (PDF 48 KB)

Modbury Hospital Forum Papers
April 3, 2012 (PDF 379 KB)

Spiritual Care in an Age of Pluralism
April 14, 2012 (PDF 177 KB)

Spiritual Care in an Age of Pluralism
A public address given at Flinders University “Friday at the Library”, March 16 2012. First presented as the annual address to Spiritual Care Australia (SA), February 8, 2012.(PDF 3.3 MB)


Faith Friendliness – the New Imperative 
A public address given at NewLandscapes, Newlands Uniting Church, Victor Harbour, October 30, 2011. (PDF 143 KB)
First presented at the Progressive Christianity Network, Friday Forum, Christ Church, Adelaide, July 23, 2010

Nurturing Inclusive Futures 
A Workshop given at the Inclusive Futures Conference, Centre for Research on Social Inclusion, Macquarie University, 17-18 February, 2011. (PDF 80 KB)

Hospitality and an Improbable Feast 
Address to the Australia Day Multifaith Commemoration, Brougham Place Uniting Church. January 26, 2011. (PDF 61 KB)

Multifaith Chaplaincy – Resources for Theology and Practice Workbook
Workshop Resource prepared for the National Conference of Uniting Church Lay Preachers, Lincoln College, Adelaide. January 2011. (PDF 4.6 MB)

2010 – 2000

The Inspiration Behind the Faith Friendly Charter and the Process So Far
A Short Address at the Launch of the Faith Friendly Charter by Hieu Van Le, Chairman of the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission (SAMEAC) at the Multifaith Association Symposium, October 4, 2010, (PDF 57 KB)

Faith Friendly Education – religion and spirituality in the classroom
A lecture presented to Graduate Diploma of Education students, Adelaide University, 15 October, 2008. (PDF 88 KB)

Multifaith Chaplaincies in a Successful Pluralistic Society
Adelaide University Education Conference, Adelaide University, October 2008. (PDF 118 KB)
Joint presentation with Alan Larkin, Director of the Flinders University Institute of International Education and Dr Abul Farooque, Muslim Chaplain, Flinders University.

Issues and Innovation in University Chaplaincy
A discussion paper prepared for the University of Western Sydney in preparation for a one-day conference “Reinventing Chaplaincy at UWS”, University of Western Sydney, August 2008. (PDF 194 KB)

Reflections at UWS “Reinventing Chaplaincy at UWS” Conference
A short reflection presented at the conference.(PDF 116 KB)

A Multifaith Chaplaincy – Work In Progress
Workshop presented at the Third Global Multifaith Conference of Tertiary Chaplains, Tampere, Finland. June 2008. (PDF 518 KB) 

Looking Forward
Presidential Address, Annual General Meeting of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association, Melbourne. September 2007. (PDF 53KB)

A Multifaith Chaplaincy in a Secular University
Presented to the Conference of European University Chaplains, Woudschoten, Zeist, The Netherlands, June 2007. (PDF 203 KB)
Also presented at the Australian Association for the Study of Religion Annual Conference, Melbourne, Australia ,November 2007

Leadership and Spirituality
The Governor’s Leadership Foundation, Lunch Seminar, Tuesday May 29, 2007. (PDF 49 KB)

Spirituality and Multifaith Chaplaincy – Inclusive Ministry in Secular Settings
A Report to the UCA Synod of SA Chaplaincy Commission, May 2007. (PDF 116 KB)

Freedom to Believe – celebrating a human right
World Religion Day, 21 January 2007. (25 KB)

Multifaith Chaplaincies in a Pluralistic Society – their contribution to education
Educational Research Conference, Flinders University Institute for International Education, November 2006. (PDF 131 KB)

Flinders Multifaith Chaplaincy: from exclusion to pluralism – Christian theological reflections
Sacred Scripture Conference, Centre for Theology, Science and Culture, Flinders University. October 2006. (PDF 381 KB)

How is how it for us: Multifaith Chaplaincy at Flinders University
Abstract for a joint presentation of the Flinders Multifaith Chaplaincy team, Tertiary Campus Ministry Association Conference, Perth, Western Australia. September 2006.  (PDF 111KB) 

God Delights in Diversity – Not Called to Compromise but Dialogue
Address, Verdun Uniting Church, Adelaide. September 3, 2006. (PDF 119 KB)

 Responding to the Challenges of Diversity
Notes for a joint workshop presentation with Ricky Waters, Coordinating Chaplain at Massey University, Palmerston, New Zealand. Conference of European University Chaplains, Frauenchiemsee, Germany, June, 2006. (PDF 71 KB)

Interfaith Dialogue on Peace – A Christian Perspective
World Religion Day, Flinders University, 15 January, 2006. (PDF 28 KB)

A Journey Towards Multifaith Chaplaincy
Workshop presented at the New Zealand Tertiary Chaplains Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, November 2005. (PDF 72 KB)

 Darwin Studies
Three Biblical Studies presented at the Meeting of the Uniting Church Northern Synod, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, September 2004.
1. Exile and Homecoming (PDF 105 KB)
2. Inclusion, Exclusion and Embrace (PDF 144 KB)
3. Sin and Purity (PDF 77 KB)

My Journey Outward – Reflections on my Life as a University Chaplain
An open conversation about our experiences of multi-faith chaplaincy in secular settings, identifying and clarifying emerging issues and finding support.  
Workshop presented at “Dreaming Landscapes”, Second Global Conference of Tertiary Chaplains, Brisbane, July 2004. (PDF 42 KB)

Why I Care About Relations with People of Other Faith
A Dialogue with Muslim Students, Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church, May 2004. (PDF 103 KB)

My Journey Outward – Reflections on my Life as a University Chaplain
The Round Table, Flinders University. 11 March 2004. (PDF 104 KB)

The Journey Metaphor
The Earth Group Service. November 1, 2003. Mitcham UCA. 7:00pm.
(PDF 67 KB) 

A Threeway Conversation in Tertiary Chaplaincy – Christian Theological Reflections on a Critical Incident and its Consequence
Workshop presented at Parkin-Wesley Theological College, June 2003 and Tertiary Campus Ministry Association Conference, Adelaide, September 2003 (PDF 152 KB)

Issues in Tertiary Chaplaincy at Flinders
This paper summarises material presented at a workshop “Re-Imagining Tertiary Chaplaincy” which was first presented by the Flinders University chaplains to the Centre for Theology, Science and Culture “Research Think-Tank” on May 3, 2001 and repeated at the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association conference in July  2001. (PDF 78 K)

Celebrating the Differences!
Workshop presented at the First Global Multi-Faith Conference of Tertiary Chaplains, Vancouver, Canada. June 22-28, 2000. (PDF 69 KB)