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Seven Sites, Seven Words,
The Suffering of Aboriginal Australians and the Passion of Jesus,
an  Easter Week observance of remembrance.

Video: Seven Sites, Seven Words (2012)

You may find the complete resource here: Seven Sites, Seven Words (559 KB)

The Program is here: Program (263 KB)

The Contents of the resource are:

Preparing the Sites
Prologue and Invitation
Site 1: Holdfast Bay 1836
Site 2: Tasmania, 1830’s
Site 3: The “Reserve”
Site 4: The Feeding Station
Site 5: Maralinga, 1952 – 1956
Site 6: The Australian Reconciliation Convention Melbourne 1997
Site 7: The Fountain of Tears, Adelaide

9/11 Lament

This page was originally intended for members of the 9.30 community at Pilgrim Church in the City and others who were interested in contributing to a public event on September 11 at Pilgrim Church, from 9.30 to 10.30 am – “a spiritual exploration of lament in our lives”, September 11, 2011.  

About Lament  (pdf)

Pilgrim 9/11 Event Program (pdf)

The structure of the event:
Running Sheet 

1. initial gathering

  • welcome and acknowledgement
  • the film “9eleven”,  (modified and further images added to create a 45 minute silent film). The music of  Max Richter, “The Nature of Light” was independently synchronised with the first 6.22 of the film.
  • Spiegel Im Spiegel“, Jeff Telfer (clarinet), Jenny Ward (piano)
  •  “Times of Pain“, Sharon Turley (voice), Norm Inglis (piano) – words: Helen Wiltshire, music: Norm Inglis.

2. installations

  • the church was set up like an art gallery. INSTALLATIONS_setup_requirements
  • people chose installations to interact with. INSTALLATIONS_Instructions
  • improvised ambient music was played. Andrew Boyce (electric guitar and effects), Andrew Boyce and Sharon Turley (cello), Norm Inglis (organ).

3. final gathering

  • Sharon Turley led the singing of “The Gift of Grace”. (Organ – Norm Inglis)
  • a blessing was given (Sandy Boyce)
  • we “pass the peace” to each other
  • we left for morning tea in the hall

Report of Event on Channel 9 Evening News
Nine-11 News

6 thoughts on “Public Events

  1. Jeff, I've got some recordings of "lament" music, all Jewish and sung / chanted in Hebrew. Some of it is traditional Middle Eastern, from a Unesco collection; some of it is modern, from Kippur and Sabbath services in the Great Synagogue of Paris. 4 or 5 tracks, a few minutes each. Interested? I could encode them into MP3 and send them off to you.

    1. Hi Allan,

      Wonderful! In fact I was going to ask my friend the Rabbi to come to chant to us in Hebrew. I consulted her in preparation for the service. In the end I thought it best to keep it simple. Could you send them to me as mp3's to

      Thanks Allan!

  2. Another idea for music is that Jenny Ward on piano and I on clarinet could play Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part. It a very slow moving gentle piece which might contribute to a time of meditation or reflection. It probably runs for about 4 minutes I would guess.

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