All day and night, music,
a quiet, bright
reedsong. If it
fades, we fade.

International Year of Rumi

UNESCO has declared 2007 the Year of Rumi, in honour of the mystical Persian poet and philosopher, Mowlana Jelaluddin Balkhi, Rumi born in Balkh, Afghanistan on 30th of September, 1207. Celebrations are taking place all over the world, and a small working party has been set up to plan and oversee a couple of Adelaide events to acknowledge this great writer and thinker.

Rumi’s work has been read, performed and treasured all over the world, among Persian communities for centuries and in Adelaide for many years. As a committee, we feel that this year is the time to broaden the circle of respect for this poet of peace and acceptance. If this is the time to look past religious differences and see the true nature of humanity and love, the true nature of the Friend and the gold buried within us all, then this is the time for Rumi.

Currently the Rumi Committee has three events planned…

The Words of Rumi
A gathering to celebrate Rumi’s birthday: Saturday, 29 September, 2007.

Held at the Burnside Community Centre, this will be a night or readings, speeches, stories and music. Mainly in Persian it will also be open for participation by those interested to perform their cultural interpretations of Rumi’s words. Reading of Rumi translations would be welcome alongside Turkish dancing, chanting or song.

For contributions to this program, or to suggest others who may be interested in making this night a success please contact us on the numbers below.

Davood Azad
Special musical performance by this exceptional Persian musician: 6 October, 2007.

A Concert for Rumi
Her Majesty’s Theatre: Sunday, 11 November, 2007

We are asking for your help in planning either or both of these events. Believe me, this is not a bulk email. As a person interested in the Arts, Writing or Poetry, or involved in academic life in these areas you will be invaluable in creating the basis for a multicultural team to work towards making these two celebrations as broad and relevant as possible.

Let us know if you can spare the occasional evening. The next meeting of the Rumi committee is Thursday 9 August at 6pm at 23 Coglin St, Adelaide. Please consider yourself welcome, or send us some thoughts you may have on any aspects of this planning process.

Kind regards,
Rob de Kok / Ali Valamanesh
for The Year of Rumi Committee.
Ali 0431 655 931
Rob 0429 676 385

“Everything starts as someone’s dream” – Rumi

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