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My first attempt at letting my friends know a bit more about me on a regular basis.
(Thanks Nick in London for this suggestion and template to begin with!)

Purchase I’m enjoying — Breville Nespresso coffee machine.
Nespresso now recycle their pods; but in the meantime we’re using up cheap, out-of-date pods from one of those bulk stores that sell out of date things that are still useable.

What I’m listening to — Declan O’Rouke, Gold Bars in the Sun
A gift from Kathy Kirkpatrick, his Australian manager, for hosting her and ferrying her and Declan to gigs on ABC Local Radio  and Radio Adelaide. Much better live than the CD – Irish singer-songwriter with a rich voice, beautiful poetic imagery and superb guitar playing.

What I’m readingWhite Working Class – overcoming class cluelessness in America, by Joan C. Collins. One of those well-researched but easily readable post-Trump books, shedding light on the rise of Populism.

What I’m watching — ‘Look Me in the Eye’ and ‘Riviera’, SBS Wednesday nights.
Frederic Laloux on Soulful Organisations,
I am gradually ploughing through his many lectures and interviews to get more of  a handle on alternatives to hierarchical management structures, beyond the techy Agile and Lean systems. Ways that engage the heart and soul in constructive work outcomes that make the world a better place.

My Podcast of the Week – Richard Florida: the new urban crisis
Florida explains how the creative economy has produced a deepening urban crisis characterised by inequality and profound social and cultural divisions

Quote I’m pondering

“Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.”
– Peter F. Drucker

I’m always hoping to engage with others about promoting human flourishing.

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