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Re-learnings this week –
1. to first be the chaplain for others, the body plasma that enables others to make their unique contributions and ‘be the experts in their own lives’. (Michael White, David Epston and The Dulwich Centre). Rather than going straight to what I think.

2. to balance my critical side with positive contributions to others, even if I feel estranged from their elitist culture.

‘Wow’ moment this week – 
book launch of An Encyclopaedia of young people’s knowledge and lifesaving tips – how we overcome bullying, survive the ocean of depression, try not to take hate into our hearts, and much more, by The Dulwich Foundation.
‘Wow’ because the Dulwich philosophy is to go to and value primary sources – the experiences of people themselves and encouraging its sharing!

Thought I’m pondering –
What would be the effect if I considered the flip side for any action I’m considering?
So, for example, rather than lobbying the Lord Mayor to get behind the provision of an ‘Oasis for the City’, to invite him and his wife home to dinner to listen to his dreams and frustrations in achieving them.

Recipe of the week – 
Day-starter lemon drink.
Brew half a cup of green tea.
Squeeze a couple of lemons and wash into the cup with some of the boiling water.
Add a squeeze of honey.
Stir in a teaspoon of strawberry jam.
Night cobwebs gone!

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