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About twenty years ago I heard of a project to bring together Paris subway buskers for performances at a festival.

I thought- what a great idea- to invite unrecognised musos to play together. There is so much talent there, looking for an outlet.

Over the last month or so I’ve noticed some incredibly talented musos in the Mall and I began to wonder whether there might an opportunity, for those who choose, to jam together and generate ideas for performing together, with Pilgrim Church in the City, as a venue, in mind.

Some years ago I accepted an invitation by the Order of Australia Committee in SA to create a framework for a truly multifaith Australia Day celebration. An important part of fulfilling that invitation was constructing a multifaith music group, each playing a piece in their own tradition, as well as a combined piece as a metaphor for unity in diversity.

This was highly successful.

I hoped that the musicians would also form relationships among themselves for their own projects. I noticed later that the Jewish folk guitar player had befriended the Muslim u’d player, who I had arranged to fly over from Melbourne and who stayed on for a Fringe performance. It was lovely to have a coffee with them both after his performance. So much respect there.

Music can be one of the most significant elements in promoting spiritual health. It is one of the languages of the soul. If Jesus was the friend of outsiders, Is it time to provide opportunities for music-making ‘outsiders’ within the worship life of the Church?

Invitation and creating friendly space, the first steps in ‘radical hospitality’, might be a way to take a first step in that direction.

Over the next few months I hope to start keeping a lookout for buskers of goodwill who might be open to the idea.


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