World Service. December 2021


We begin with a beautiful song written by a member of ‘Playing for Change’ about the Playing for Change movement itself. ‘Playing for Change’ are musicians and dancers from all over the world who play together to raise money for music and dance schools for children in developing countries.
Then an amazing little clip of a toddler on a set of drums just illustrates what providing opportunities can bring!
The ABC has shot a wonderful little video-interview with Mark Seymour of ‘Hunters and Collectors’ fame. His creative life has undergone quite a radical transformation over the last few years. He explains.
Then I’ve included a stunning little clip of what a choreographer was able to do with a a whole lot of people in wheelchairs, as a closing performance at the last Para-Olympics.
The program then takes a turn with Steve Parker’s film-chat – a compelling film that ‘really everyone should see’.
On a lighter note we conclude with a satirical song about living in COVID lockdown, set to the tune of ‘Nothing Compares to You’.
And finally we remind ourselves about the resilience of a world much bigger than we can ever imagine, putting our own lives in perspective.

In 2022 we have plans to expand and change the format of ‘root and branches’, while keeping to our original purposes: ‘radical musings for nurturing humanity in the garden of life’. As a result, this will be the last World Service as a monthly video magazine. If you like the World Service, why not subscribe now on the website to catch up with us in 2022?

I hope you are having a refreshing Christmas season!

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