Leadership From ‘Below’

Nabil Elbousaadi
3 December 2020
The moment … Photo of the day:
“The lady you see in this photo is neither to help nor to pity. She doesn’t beg more than the openness of obtuse minds and the tenderness of hearts that she stirs. That lady is Tarja Halonen. Her name means nothing to you and yet she was twice elected President of the Republic of Finland. During her two mandates, she raised her country to the top of the economic rankings in several fields such as education, health and public infrastructure. Finland is also home to well-known multinationals like Nokia, Vartsella and Polar. The photo is an advertisement in which the former president dressed in old clothes from second-hand stores and sat homeless for long hours to feel and convey the tragedy of the refugees and the poor She said she could have been a beggar or a refugee, but luck made her a head of state.
Will we ever have leaders who breathe and inspire this mindset? “

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