Introducing Verena

Picture taken by Verena in the Upper Town of Thessaloniki

I first met Verena some time ago when she was visiting Australia from her home in Munich. My chaplaincy colleague in Munich suggested to her that ‘you must go and meet Geoff’.
So she came up to Oasis at Flinders University. Oasis is a faith-friendly centre we chaplains of various faith traditions had set up for students and staff to ‘hang out’, meet or ‘do their own thing’.

I heard from her when she had returned home. Angela Merkel had just opened the German borders to refugees. Verena applied herself to the vision of radical hospitality she had seen at Oasis; she was down at the Munich railway station with so many others of goodwill, to welcome them.

Since then, she has given her life to supporting refugees and moved to the ‘front line’ in Greece.

This is, what we hope, is her first report to us.


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