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So we are in the season of Lent.

If Lent is about giving things up (which some people seem to think it is), here is a list I spotted in a friend’s blog that gives me pause for thought!

“The compulsive pursuit of perfection becomes impatient with weakness, angry and judgmental.

The compulsive pursuit of compassion becomes swamping and possessive.

The compulsive pursuit of success denies the fact and value of vulnerability.

The compulsive pursuit of beauty and creativity becomes an escapist ego trip.

The compulsive pursuit of knowledge leads us to become miserly hoarders of knowledge, locked away in ivory towers.

The compulsion to obedience becomes fearful and legalistic.

The compulsive pursuit of enjoyment becomes selfish, devious, and addicted.

The compulsive pursuit of justice becomes vindictive and power-hungry.

The compulsive pursuit of peace leads to a desire to please everyone and a loss of integrity.”

From ‘Spirituality in Season’ by Ross Thompson, quoted in Andrew Wilson’s Blog, Practicing Chaplaincy.
Andrew is Chaplain at Imperial College, London.

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