The Impact of a Dream



My friend Robert Muller sent a link to The Now Tribe, which I pass on. It shows what can be done when a couple of social entrepreneurs put their mind to achieving a dream – 230,000 jobs created over ten years, impacting a million people in rural India.

THE IMPACT of A DREAM: 230,000 jobs for rural women

Women on Wings’ founders Ellen Tacoma and Maria van der Heijden built a network of likeminded business professionals in the Netherlands and India that work consistently on realizing the dream of creating one million jobs for women in rural India.

230,000 families out of poverty
In ten years, Women on Wings has co-created 230,000 extra jobs for women in rural India, in partnership with 35 Indian social enterprises. That means for 230,000 families an escape from the cycle of poverty – directly impacting over one million people in rural India.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, banker to the poor and founder of Grameen Bank, is the key ambassador of social business. Yunus aims to build an eco-system to support the growth of these new kinds of businesses. Yunus’ belief: “We need to transform this greed based civilization into one based on real human values. We can do it, if only we want to.”

For me, this achievement demonstrates the success of a new way of doing things that matter for humanity, congruent with Frederik Laloux’s emerging fifth paradigm of organisation.

The challenge for churches, corporates and governments is to adapt to empower such new ways of thinking and going about their roles for the the good of humanity.

For the churches this will mean not just accepting religious and cultural pluralism in principle, but to boldly cross sectarian lines to network and work together across historically deeply divisive lines of exclusion, for the benefit of all.


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