🌐 World Service #6. Freedom in Days Like This. 1.7.2020

In this episode:

Gurrumul: ‘Bapa’, meditation;
Steve Earl: ‘Days Like This’;
The Drama Triangle;
Patrick Wanis: Escaping the Drama Triangle;
Film Chat: ‘Woman at War’;
Playing For Change: ‘Everyday People’.


As I go on this Covid 19 journey of discovery, reflecting on ideas and strategies that have helped me in my life, and sharing them, I find myself discovering more about who I really am.

Intuitively, I wanted to open the video with birds in flight. At the time, I was thinking about how such a strong commitment to ‘freedom’ in the USA, enshrined in their constitution, is creating a lawlessness and disregard for the safety of others in this unprecedented period of history. Everybody, particularly in the southern states wants to ‘fly’. They seem to be saying:’I have a right to fly!’

This ‘Land of the Free’ is having great difficulty in having to be ‘locked up’, as it were. The whole US society is, and will increasingly, suffer as a result of not understanding the spirit of its constitution, and particularly the context when it was drafted. The so-called ‘right to bear arms’ is another example of the trouble a country gets in with this thinking; and the President is not slow to tap into this consciousness to justify his own narcissistic agenda.

This morning as I was about to upload the video to YouTube, these thoughts crystallised into a little poem, which I have included. This is triggering a recovery of my love of battling to get the right words to assemble into the framework of poetry, to sharpen my thinking.

That idea in the poem – that we have more power to shape our circumstances than we may think, seemed to emerge, as I put together the mish-mash of what has been impressing me recently.

In the process a more magazine-like structure is emerging – what’s being written in music, what film-makers are saying, as well as short meditations, poetry, and the segment I share about self-empowerment and kindness to myself and to others.

In addition, Real Time Heart-based Community Projects has given me the opportunity to have a Zoom chat each week, that I have called ‘The Dance Within’. Click on the link by my photo at:

Contact them if you want to offer something within the collective they have set up. And you might like to join in one of the activities.

Do keep in touch. I am always interested in what you think and are doing for yourself and others.

What I’ve Realised Project
During the month of July, email me a paragraph or two about ‘what I’ve realised about myself’ during the Covid 19 crisis. Your thoughts will contribute to future programs.

If you find the program helpful, ‘follow’ it and share with others.

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