🌐 World Service #5, 2021. Sponsoring Happiness

In this episode:
Love train, Playing for Change
Frontline Songs Project with Mary Gauthier
Film Chat with Steve Parker, ‘Two of Us’.
Wow! Stuff…, ‘It’s All Right’ gets the nod from Simon Cowell

Playing for Change is a global network of professional musicians who collaborate to raise money to set up music – art – dance schools around the world for disadvantaged children and youth.
In this episode we see some of the students themselves in action with their sponsoring musical heroes; as usual, singing about a vision for a better, fairer world.

Continuing the theme of creativity, Emmy Award winner, Mary Gauthier gives us a glimpse of a passion of hers – acting as a medium to transform feelings of trauma into music. In this segment she draws inspiration from the experiences of five medical first responders during the COVID pandemic. The process is not only individually therapeutic for these medical staff, but enabling, drawing them together to affirm and name their unarticulated experiences. The outcome of the group song-writing process also provides an authentic historical marker that helps us all better understand this moment in history, were we to stand in their shoes.

I love Continental films. Two of Us sounds like a real beauty. I’m looking forward to seeing it – I love that careful cinematography that gives the time and visual space to take in the nuances implicit in the exploration of deep and relevant themes.
Two women have found each other and love each other. But in their earlier years, such relationships were taboo. For their love to survive, secrets had to be kept.
Now the lovers are old and their secret comes under threat. Will societal changes in attitudes toward such relationships have become sufficiently influential for them to overcome their fear of ‘coming out’ to their families?

When I first took a look at a TV segment contributed to me by a supporter of The World Service, I could only say, ‘WOW!’ So many life-layers laid bare in one song! So much wisdom in 30 years. Unfortunately, copyright constraints prevented me from including this TV segment. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way! – perhaps not as dramatic as her performance on America’s Got Talent. But still, deep insights on our theme – sponsoring happiness.
See if you can find Nightbirde – America’s Got Talent on YouTube. And be wowed by her beautiful, fragile gift!

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