🌐 World Service #4, 2021: Human Touch

In this episode:

  • Song: ‘United’, Playing for Change
  • Geoff’s Radical Musings: Belonging
  • Smelling Roses’ Roses
  • Film Chat with Steve Parker, ‘Land’
  • Song: ‘A Human Touch’, Leslie Mendelson and Jackson Browne

This episode took shape after Steve Parker decided to review the film ‘Land’ – a story about attempting to recover from grief by isolation. At the same time, I discovered Jackson Browne’s ‘A Human Touch’ on YouTube – a piece to accompany a film about the AIDS epidemic, I believe. These two related themes, grief, isolation and loneliness and the necessity of human contact, form the backbone of this episode.

And who better to lead off than world musicians Playing for Change not just singing about, but visually representing a vision of global friendship.

I have had recent conversations with a couple of younger people passing through our Airbnb, leaving ‘home’ to seek a new life for themselves in Australia. Where will they end up feeling at home?

A big shout out to Theresa, country girl from Minnesota USA, who is on a life-journey for herself, riding a motorbike from northern Queensland around the southern coast to Perth. She’s on the Nullarbor Plain as I write! Theresa, all the best! May studying Engineering work out for you!

My ‘Radical Musings’ inserts two parallel quotations I hope you will find stimulating. For me they provoke thoughts about motivation and need for change, the role of our heritages and the vital role of our imagination in pursuing a better world for ourselves and others.

Various people contribute little pieces to me from their social media browsings. This episode features ‘Smelling Roses’ Roses’ as a segment gathering some of her contributions. Thanks Rose.

Always pleased to get feedback and contributions!

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